100% Vegan Haircare!

Here at Gemini Hair Studio we are proud stockists of the Pureology range and we love it so much we’d thought we’d share some facts with you!

Pureology has 100% Vegan formulas that are sustainably sourced, and the packaging is made from 50% recycled materials!

No sulphates get added to any formulas so you’ll still get a fab cleanse without stripping any of your colour!

Exclusive Anti fade complex gives UVA/UVB sunscreen protection.

Concentrated formulas give up to 70 shampoos a bottle, approximately two times the amount of other professional products.

The full range caters for every hair type from heavily highlighted or vibrantly coloured hair to fine or dry and brittle hair. This is Thamina our Pureology educator, showcasing the new Hydrate and Strength Cure Superfood Treatments. They feature Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Gojiberry extracts and Olive Oil! Why not add on a new Superfood Treatment to your salon service on your next visit from just £7?

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