House Rules

At Gemini Hair Studio, we like all our clients to feel relaxed when they visit.

We want everyone to have the best possible experience so we ask you to follow a few HOUSE RULES.

  • Be ready for your appointment by checking our KeepSafe@Gemini Guidelines before you come to the salon.

  • Try to keep on time – Gemini make a special effort to be on time for our clients, so please let us know if you are running late or can’t make your appointment.
  • If you can’t make an appointment just give us a call – we know sometimes life doesn’t always work out the way you have planned. please give us as at least 24hrs notice if you can’t make your appointment. Please note if you miss your appointment we reserve the right to charge you up to 50% of the cost of your booked appointment service. Any future appointments will be risk of prepayment which is non-refundable.
  • If you are booking an appointment over the value of £100 we reserve the right to ask for a 50% deposit – which is payable upon booking your appointment. Don’t worry if you can’t make your appointment, we can move it to another date that is convenient for you.
  • Mobile phones and devices – We all love our gadgets at Gemini but please keep them on silent when you are in the Salon. We want all our clients to relax and enjoy their treatment.
  • Our Staff & Our Clients – We work hard to be polite and courteous to our clients, so please help us by doing the same. If you are not happy with anything about your visit ask to speak to our Manageress or Salon Director who will be happy to help.
  • Children under 16 years – Gemini are one big happy family and love Children, but we ask that all children under 16 years old are accompanied by an adult. Also we ask all our parents and guardians to keep an eye on their little ones whilst in the salon so we can give our clients the best experience possible.
  • Children’s hair cuts and fringe trims – We will happily take bookings for children’s hair cuts and fringe trims during the week, but unfortunately cannot take bookings on a Saturday. If you would like to pop in and see if we have a spare appointment on the day we would be more than happy to fit you in!
  • Milkshake hair colour – We are delighted to have the Milkshake hair colour back in the salon, please make sure you read our T&C’s before you have this product. We will ask you to sign a copy of the terms and conditions before we colour! Click here to download a copy of our form.

"If you have any suggestions about how 
Gemini can improve our service or 
product, please let us know. We can only be the best if we know how to be better."